What's happening at Mandala

The Mandala Folk Dance Center has, since 1971, been a favorite place in San Francisco for International Folk Dancers to meet and enjoy an evening of dancing and good company.The first and last Thursdays of the month are party nights featuring all request dancing and no formal instruction.The other Thursdays feature dance instruction by Edith Bourbin as well as request dancing.Edith will teach dances from Stockton and other folk dance camps and workshops. A number of times a year, a local band will provide live music for dancing and special workshops by other teachers are provided. Check this site for listings of special events and workshops.

Mandala schedule for July 2015:

July 2 (Thursday): All-request party night.

July 9 (Thursday): Review of Vlasko and other recently taught dances.

July 16 (Thursday): Special workshop with Craig Blackstone. (See below)

July 23 (Thursday): A review of Craig's dances.

July 30 (Thursday): A Do-It-Yourself Party Night. Edith will be in Stockton. Paul will open and DJ the music. If you request it, you lead it. If you have special music for a dance you would like to do, bring your flash drive or CD. Bring a friend and snacks to share. Have fun! Edith will see you in August.gwater's version, which is often referred to as "Extended". This was quite a hit at Mandala when it was first taught in 1992.

The Mandala Folk Dance Center is located at: Bowcock Hall (formerly Wardwell Hall), St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, 43rd Avenue at Judah Street, San Francisco, CA.

Mandala special workshop 16 July 2015:

July 16 (Thursday): Craig Blackstone will be teaching Vulpita, a Romanian dance and a Mandala Classic. He will also teach Rum Dum Dum, a Macedonian dance and Tikho nad Richkoyu, a Ukrainian dance. Admission is $5.00.

The Mandala meets every Thursday from 7:30 10.30 P.M. Beginner's instruction starts at 7:30, followed by requests, then intermediate/advanced instruction and more requests. On Party Nights, the first and last Thursday of every month, there is no intermediate/advanced instruction. Admission is $5.00 except for special workshops and events.

For more information, you may send email to: paulbourbin@hotmail.com